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Alpaca wool blanket Silver Exclusive

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Alpacas are originally from Peru and Bolivia, they are responsible for the raw material production of alpaca wool blanket products which are known for their elegance, comfort and quality. Alpaca wool blanket is incredibly soft and fluffy as well stylish for this reason it is used not only as a blanket product but also as a nice decoration article.

Alpaca Wool keep a constant body temperature and also antiallergic and helps the circulation, aliminates symptoms of cold feet and hands, to speed up the process transfer heat  hich has a positive impact on changes in the muscles.

Alpacas have a dense thick fur and long thick hair also is available in white, gray or brown wool so Alpacas are very fluffy and very warm and at the same time because of the thick the hair is very durable. Her silvery gray color fits perfectly in the interior of the bedroom giving traditional charm in the whole room dining.

Alpaca wool blanket is very soft and subtle delicate wool suitable body feeling warm while ensuring appropriate constant body temperature in addition impacting favorably on the improved well-being and a blissful night's sleep.

Also suitable for allergic children babies who are allergic to any wool because it does not cause allergies, therefore, does not cause allergic symptoms.

Due to the very high daytime temperatures and colder nights of Alpaca wool shrinks and relaxes so that breathing is not transmits air sweat under her winter warms and cools in summer and maintaining a constant body temperature, ensuring a peaceful night's rest and with specific construction fibers which have undergone temperature was varied during the day and night, alpaca wool is durable and also because of the incredible stretch elastic.

Lama Alpaca wool

* Absorbs moisture
* It is hypoallergenic
* Provides thermoregulation
* Removes sweat
* Has antibacterial properties

Alpaca wool that results muscles receive constant gentle warmth which reduces the tension and pain by stimulating of nerve endings.

Alpaca wool blanket is anti-allergic properties is due to the high content of the lanolin hair covering any further hair wool protects against high content zabrudzeniem
Due to alpaca wool lanolin is additionally a barrier to the habitat of mites parasitic mites from the group contributing to a number of symptoms of allergic diseases such as:

* Frequent difficulty breathing
Frequent allergic skin irritant
* Frequent itch
* Frequent cough
* Frequent runny nose
* A common problem with tearing of eyes

*** Therefore, we are confident that the woolen blanket has anti-allergic properties ***

Alpaca wool blankets are eliminates the positive ions which, unfortunately, due to today's advances in technology more and more experience through the use of work equipment such as computer, laptop, cell phone, i-phone, television nowadays that interfere with the nervous system result of which are the symptoms:

* Headache
* fatigue
* hyperactivity
* nervousness
* Reduced the body's resistance
* Lack of concentration
* Feeling anxious
* Trouble sleeping

Due to the presence of negative ions in alpaca wool, and hence the negative ionization alpaca wool. Negative ions neutralize positive ions restoring the body to balance the so-called homeostasis, which is often disturbed by external factors electromagnetic fields (electrosmog) even after a hard day in cramped offices charged electronics therefore sleeping or covering up with a duvet of wool Alpaca remove fatigue because we neutralize the positive ions long hours of work in areas saturated electronics.

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