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wool merino duvets

Merino duvets wool Grid 140x200 + 2 Pillows 45x75

Merino bedding wool is warm and fluffy and at the same time very light. Merino sheep are originally from Australia and New Zealand, they are responsible for the raw material production of merino wool bedding products which are popularly known for their fluffiness and resistance. Merino sheep are adapted to live in extreme environments, they developed a special condition to survive different levels of temperature and with unique features which are extremely useful for wool bedding quality products.

FROM £ 11000
alpaca wool underblanket

Alpaca wool underblanket Silver Beauty Lux 100x200

Underblanket Alpaca wool is very soft and subtle delicate wool. The outer side of the underblanket Alpaca is trimmed with elegant stiffening trim and cotton at the corners with four rubber bands for attachment to any place where we can sleep, for example bed, sofa.
Alpacas are originally from Peru and Bolivia, they are responsible for the raw material production of alpaca wool bedding products which are known for their elegance, comfort and quality.

FROM £ 10500

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